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Vol 2 (2005): 7 A comparison of polarized and non-polarized human endometrial monolayer culture systems on murine embryo development Abstract   PDF
Mohamad Reza Baghaban Eslami Nejad, Mojtaba Rezazadeh Valojerdi, Saeed Kazemi Ashtiani
Vol 7 (2010): 3 A population based economic analysis of cross-border payments for fertility services in Luxembourg Abstract   PDF (full text)
Christopher A Jones, Louis G Keith, Valery Bocquet, Jacques Arendt, Jean Smit, Guy Berchem, Marie-Lise Lair
Vol 3 (2006): 4 A proposed mechanism for progesterone regulation of trophoblast MMP2 transcription independent of classical progesterone response elements on its promoter Abstract   PDF
Shlomit Goldman, Eliezer Shalev
Vol 2 (2005): 1 Article processing charges, funding, and open access publishing at Journal of Experimental & Clinical Assisted Reproduction Abstract   PDF   Untitled ()
Eric Scott Sills, Tina Thibault Vincent, Gianpiero D Palermo
Vol 2 (2005): 10 Clarifying the role of three-dimensional transvaginal sonography in reproductive medicine: an evidenced-based appraisal Abstract   PDF
Nick Raine-Fenning, Arthur C Fleischer
Vol 3 (2006): 6 Clinical applications and limitations of current ovarian stem cell research: a review Abstract   PDF
Karla J Hutt, David F Albertini
Vol 3 (2006): 2 Comparative analysis of follicle morphology and oocyte diameter in four mammalian species (mouse, hamster, pig, and human) Abstract   PDF
Jeanine Griffin, Benjamin R Emery, Ivan Huang, C Matthew Peterson, Douglas T Carrell
Vol 7 (2010): 4 Comparison of selected cryoprotective agents to stabilize meiotic spindles of human oocytes during cooling Abstract   Untitled ()   PDF (full text)
Dunsong Yang, Kevin L Winslow, Kevin Nguyen, Daniel Duffy, Michael Freeman, Talha Al-Shawaf
Vol 2 (2005): 5 Complementary and alternative medicine utilisation in NHS and private clinic settings: a United Kingdom survey of 400 infertility patients Abstract   PDF
Catherine Coulson, Julian Jenkins
Vol 6 (2009): 5 Comprehensive Assessment of Serum Estradiol Impact on Selected Physiologic Markers Observed During In-Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer Cycles Abstract   full text (PDF)
Grace Wing Shan Kong, Lai Ping Cheung, Christopher John Haines, Po Mui Lam
Vol 2 (2005): 3 Correlation of sperm penetration assay score with polyspermy rate in in-vitro fertilization Abstract
Vincent W Aoki, C Matthew Peterson, Kirtly Parker-Jones, Harry H Hatasaka, Mark Gibson, Ivan Huang, Douglas T Carrell
Vol 4 (2007): 2 Deciding the fate of disputed embryos: ethical issues in the case of Natallie Evans Abstract   PDF
Anna Smajdor
Vol 5 (2008): 3 Embryo Transfer. Allabadia G (ed). Book review. Abstract   PDF (full text/book review)
Eric Scott Sills
Vol 5 (2008): 4 Estrogen level monitoring in artificial frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles using step-up regime without pituitary suppression: is it necessary? Abstract   PDF (full text)
Zhihong Niu, Yun Feng, Yijuan Sun, Aijun Zhang, Huiqin Zhang
Vol 6 (2009): 1 Faircare: A New Direction for Health Care and Policy in Ireland Abstract   PDF (full text)
James Reilly
Vol 8 (2011): 2 Folic acid and human reproduction—ten important issues for clinicians Abstract   full text (PDF)
Beth Dunlap, Kantha Shelke, Shala A Salem, Louis G Keith
Vol 2 (2005): 13 Follicular fluid levels of vascular endothelial growth factor and early corpus luteum function during assisted reproductive technology cycles Abstract   PDF
F Coppola, B Ferrari, L Barusi, V Caccavari, M C Salvarani, G Piantelli
Vol 7 (2010): 2 Hyaluronan Binding Assay (HBA) versus Sperm Penetration Assay (SPA). Can HBA replace the use of SPA test in male partner screening before in vitro fertilization? Abstract   PDF (full text)
Jelena Lazarevic, Maria Wikarczuk, Stephen G Somkuti, Larry I Barmat, Jay S Schinfeld, Scott E Smith
Vol 6 (2009): 2 Hyperfertility, obesity and stillbirth: New considerations for clinical practice Abstract   PDF (full text)
Louis G Keith, Tawanda Ngorima, Olha M Tsar
Vol 1 (2004): 2 Impact of seasonal variation, age and smoking status on human semen parameters: The Massachusetts General Hospital experience Abstract
Chen Zuying, Linda Godfrey-Bailey, Isaac Schiff, Russ Hauser
Vol 2 (2005): 2 In memoriam: Celso-Ramon Garcia, M.D. (1922–2004), reproductive medicine visionary Abstract
Jerome F Strauss III, Luigi Mastroianni Jr
Vol 1 (2004): 1 Journal of Experimental & Clinical Assisted Reproduction: shaping the future of research and practice in reproductive endocrinology/infertility Abstract   PDF
Eric Scott Sills, Robert M Winston, Gianpiero D Palermo
Vol 2 (2005): 6 Localization and gene expression of steroid sulfatase by RT-PCR in cumulus cells and relationship to serum FSH levels observed during in vitro fertilization Abstract   Untitled ()   PDF
Yukiko Otsuka, Atsushi Yanaihara, Shinji Iwasaki, Junichi Hasegawa, Takumi Yanaihara, Takashi Okai
Vol 2 (2005): 8 Low-dose aspirin does not improve ovarian stimulation, endometrial response, or pregnancy rates for in vitro fertilization Abstract   PDF
Bradley S Hurst, Jennifer T Bhojwani, Paul B Marshburn, Margaret A Papadakis, Terry A Loeb, Michelle L Matthews
Vol 6 (2009): 6 Luteal phase bleeding after IVF cycles: comparison between progesterone vaginal gel and intramuscular progesterone and correlation with pregnancy outcomes Abstract   full text (PDF)
Sami Jabara, Kurt Barnhart, Joan C Schertz, Pasquale Patrizio
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